AirLock Aviation Security Systems, LLC is dedicated to providing the aviation industry with the most sophisticated aircraft access system ever developed. The AirLock system has been developed to provide owners and operators an unprecedented level of security and control over their aircraft.


AirLock provides an improved locking device, allows programmable access to any area of the plane, allows for remote access if necessary and provides an audit trail to determine both who accessed the aircraft and when they did so.


  • Enables owners/operators to schedule limited access to any area of an aircraft
  • Provides the ability to create an audit trail to determine when the plane was accessed or when access was attempted and by whom
  • Allows key to be disabled if lost or stolen
  • Software support enables users to remotely program the system from any location
  • Simple installation with no wiring of any kind
  • Allows a single key to access multiple aircraft as well as hanger and gate locks